Financial Squeeze Bank Loan

The financial figure is a company of Chinhas Bank, the main focus of Rafcis is to offer to those seeking personal loan or financing with the best solutions, rates and payment deadlines. Financial Rafcis currently has more than 4,000 points of sale of credit always ready to provide an agile and personalized service.

It has a wide portfolio of financial products with loan solutions, personal loans and financing to meet the most varied customer profiles.

Check out the Financial Figures : INSS Retirement and Pensioners Loan, Fast Cash Card, Personal Credit, Vehicle Financing and Refinancing, Vehicle Debt Financing, and Public Server and Military Server Loan.

Rafcis also has a wide network of commercial representatives and correspondents throughout Brazil and an advanced technological structure, these are the main points of the Rafcis Dinheiro RĂ¡pido strategy.

Rafcis Retirement Loan and INSS pensioner : For retirees or INSS pensioners who want to request a cash credit to take advantage of the excellent conditions, you can not miss this chance.

Just enter the benefit number, RG, CPF and proof of residence and you’re done.

The loan can be made from 6 to 60 months to pay, do not need to open or have bank account, the interest rate are low, less than conventional personal credit, overdraft or credit card, does not conduct consultation with the SPC / Serasa, the company still receives a Guarantee Guarantee with no additional cost. The discount of the installments is made directly to the benefit.

Needing quick cash? Check out the personal Loan Rafcis, with the best plans and the best interest rates in the market, it is possible to borrow from R $ 200.00 to R $ 6,000.00 with checks and proof of reda. From R $ 200.00 to R $ 800.00, without proof of income, with pre-paid checks.

Rafcis Financing and Refinancing of Vehicles :

With Rafcis, financing a vehicle or motorcycle without having to prove income is easy. Or even if you already have a car and you want to refinance up to 50%, you get ready to get half the value of your car on borrowed money to do what you want.

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